celebration cakes

Drip Cake topped with Lollies
Drip Cake topped with Lollies
Rochabilly Cherry Cake
Rockabilly Cherry Cake
Gold on Top
Gold on Top
Ring of Roses purple 1mb
Ring of Roses purple
Big Bow Cake
Big Bow Cake

Most popular flavours that I offer are…

Belgian chocolate mud with dark chocolate ganache
White chocolate mud with white chocolate ganache
Marbled dark and white chocolate mud cake with chocolate truffle
Brown sugar vanilla with lemon buttercream
Gluten free orange and almond with cream cheese frosting
Caramel Mud w’ dk chocolate ganache
Coconut cake w’ dark chocolate Ganache
Passion fruit Mud w’ dk choc ganache
Carrot cake with lemon cream cheese frosting

Jade and Peach
Jade and Peach
2 tier Chevron Cake
2 tier Chevron Cake
Fishing for a Kiss
Fishing for a Kiss
Applique Birthday Cake in aqua
Applique Birthday Cake in aqua
Neon Splatter Cake. It glows in the dark!
Neon Splatter Cake
Drum Kit Cake. Hand painted message on Bass Drum.
Drum Kit Cake


Black & White Flip Flop Cake
Thong Cake (Flip Flop Cake)


8 thoughts on “celebration cakes

  1. Hi

    How much approximately for a 9 inch one layered cake for a baby shower? It is for august 17th?

    Many thanks

    1. Im wondering how much for Jade and peach and Applique Birthday Cake in aqua . Also if possible to delivery tomorrow morning thanks

  2. Hi
    I am interested in a 2 tier cake for 50 people (similar to your chevron cake) for my husbands 50th on 23 May. Can you do this?

  3. Hi Bernice, are you available for a 60th birthday cake for Sunday 25th October. It’s for my mother in law? So something pretty….approx 40 people?

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