wedding cakes

Champagne and Lace

Champagne and Lace

Vintage Pink Peony

Vintage Pink Peony

Shell and Cornelli Wedding cake

Shell and Cornelli Wedding cake

I would absolutely love to make your wedding cake; it is always a privilege to be involved in your special day.

Handmade in my studio in Pottsville Beach, I can give you the choice of eight different flavours of cake…

Sicilian lemon with dark chocolate truffle

Tropical coconut with dark chocolate truffle

Cappuccino with coffee truffle

Russian Caramel with white chocolate truffle

Ivory Chocolate with white heaven truffle

Marbled dark and white chocolate mud cake with chocolate truffle

My signature Belgian Chocolate cake with dark chocolate truffle

Passionfruit mud with white chocolate truffle

Flour-less Orange and Almond with white chocolate truffle

Rich Fruit cake with Brandy and home made marzipan

Whether you are looking for a contemporary chocolate wedding cake, a cup cake tower or an elaborate traditional fruit cake, I will create your dream.

I am happy to have a consultation with you in person at my studio here in Pottsville Beach, to help you decide what would suit you best, or you can talk to me via email and telephone.

What about treating your guests to some hand made wedding favours: cake pops or iced cookies designed especially for you and monogramed if required?

You might like to try my Bride and Groom cake pops.

I specialise in bespoke wedding cakes, and once you’ve told me your dreams for your big day, I can make those dreams come true by creating a wonderfully spectacular cake especially for you. I aim to exceed your expectations and create fantastic and bespoke wedding cakes that will make your wedding unique. I make wishes come true…

Bunting cup cake tower

Bunting cup cake tower


Hessian and White Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake

Hessian and White Chocolate Ganache Wedding Cake


Wedding favours


Pink Peony Frill Wedding Cake

Pink Peony Frill Wedding Cake

Black Ribbon and Diamontes

Black Ribbon and Diamontes


7 thoughts on “wedding cakes

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  2. Hello, this is a beautiful cake. May God bless your talent. Question, I have to make a cake with a similar “big black swirls” (I dont know if that the correct name, my english is not so good) I wonder if you can tell me what do you use to make them. Thanks, I keep your awesome work. <3

    • I started off by rolling out a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste to about 1/8″ thickness….go even thinner if you can. I like thin ruffles! – After rolling, cut the fondant into strips. I have a fondant ribbon cutter which sped things up a bit…but you can use a sharp knife too and just eyeball it.

      I cut about six, approx. 12 inch long strips, which were about 1/2 inch wide. Make more up as you go.
      One at a time, I placed a strip on my cel pad , and using a ball tool, I applied pressure as I slid the ball along the edge of one side. This is going to naturally give a nice frilled effect as the fondant becomes thinner.
      The other strips of fondant were waiting for their turn under a piece of vinyl to keep them from drying out. You can also keep them under some cling film while they wait.
      Decide how big a flower you want to make, and draw outlines lightly on the surface of your cake.
      Use a paint brush to brush on some piping gel where your first strip will be placed.
      Then, start arranging your strip. You may have to add a little more piping gel here and there. (Sugar glue or tylose glue works well too.)

      Don’t press the frilly edge of the fondant into the glue–you’ll need that fluffiness for dimension. Continue with your circular pattern, brushing the area with piping gel and then wrapping around your fondantIt Once almost full. The last little space in the center of the flower can be filled by rolling a piece of fondant into a loose rosebud shape. You can use a toothpick or Q-tip to manipulate the petals however you like. Any droopy frills can be supported by toothpick until firm.

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